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It is diagnosed in patients with hypo- or aplasia of the sweat glands. It is often inherited in an autosomal recessive manner. Symptoms appear from birth. The course of the disease is chronic. Sweating disorder is generalized. Often, in addition to anhidrosis, other congenital anomalies are observed. Acquired. It develops as a result of functional and pathological changes in the body.

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It is distinguished by a variety of clinical manifestations, varying degrees of Prednisone of consequences for the patient's health. The following forms of acquired anhidrosis are distinguished: Acute. A functional disorder that develops as a result of dehydration, poisoning. It is characterized by a severe disorder of thermoregulation, severe intoxication of the body.

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Without adequate medical care, there is a high probability of death, irreversible dysfunction of internal organs. Chronic. A consequence of a violation of the autonomic innervation, atrophy of the sweat glands. The degree of severity is determined by the area of ​​the skin involved in the pathological process, the quantitative characteristic of the violation of sweating.

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It occurs in countries with a hot climate with insufficient fluid intake. It is characterized by a vesicular rash that is not characteristic of other types of anhidrosis. In the genesis of this form of prednisone, the role of blockage of the mouths of the sweat glands with the smallest particles of sand and dust is great. Focal. Anhidrosis develops in a limited area of ​​the face or body. An example of it can be the Bernard-Horner syndrome, when ptosis, miosis, enophthalmos, and impaired sweating are observed on the side of Deltasone.

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It has a relatively easy flow. The patient's condition is determined by the underlying disease.

The entire area of ​​the skin is affected, and sometimes also the lacrimal glands, mucous glands of the nasopharynx. The degree of reduction in sweating can vary widely from a complete cessation of sweating to a slight decrease.


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The clinical picture is largely determined by the form of violation of sweating. In a patient with congenital anhidrosis, other developmental anomalies may be present: lack of hair, deformation of the facial bones, changes in the shape and number of teeth up to adentia.

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In such patients, the most difficult period is the neonatal period and early childhood, when the mechanisms of thermoregulation are imperfect and there is a risk of Deltasone hyperthermia. In adult patients, the condition is compensated, subject to limitation of physical activity and an adequate drinking regimen. Chronic generalized anhidrosis.

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